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black and white

Cropped Smile

As The Rolling Stones said (1969) “You can’t always get what you want”. What I wanted was a good, high-resolution seated portrait of Patricia. Smiles can be elusive (or forced)… Read More »Cropped Smile

Molten Metal

The look of liquid running down over a naked body can look very seductive. However, I wanted to go a little further. My idea was to use something thicker than… Read More »Molten Metal

Kinga – Cream

I cannot claim that this result was exactly as expected. Yes, I planned the cream. Yes, my assistant poured is as I desired. Yes, it covered the parts I had… Read More »Kinga – Cream

Natalia – Zombie

Natalie was an amazing model. Not a “slimline” version. More of a “naturally balance body shape.” We had completed several hours of flour-based photography, and of course the studio was… Read More »Natalia – Zombie