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Molten Metal

The look of liquid running down over a naked body can look very seductive. However, I wanted to go a little further. My idea was to use something thicker than water, but no so thick that it looked lumpy. So a thick (not not too thick) cream was used. And it was warm, partly to ensure it flowed correctly and partly for the comfort of the model.

The next part was to find the best route, and obviously starting by flowing through the breasts and moving down was an obvious choice. The question was where it should end.

The version show here is no the only one I tried. I did have the model sitting more upright, and with the cream flowing between her legs. But for here, I chose the one that created the small take at the bottom, and allow the viewer to image where the stream may flow next.

The light was set above and beyond her, with the light reflected in the pool. In the past, I have worried about what may be considered to be “imperfections”. But here, I believe the small bubbles add to the image. Some may argue that lava may be a better description. But if you focus on the title instead of the image, perhaps you have missed the point.


Aperture: f/4

Lens: 105mm

ISO: 100