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Delicate Silhouette

When I launched this blog on 8 January this year, I used the front cover of the book “The Art of Nude Photography”. But I did not mention the photo itself.

The model was Forrest, who can be found elsewhere on this site. The intention was to create an outline image of simple lines that defined her shape. Two lights were used. On the right, a portrait flash was used, 120cm high and 30cm wide. On the left there was a square softbox.

Although it would have been possible to do a lot of post-production, I prefer to do all the work in camera. Therefore, the real trick is to ensure that the light in the shadows (if that is not a contradiction) is minimised. To do that, black velvet surround the model, quite closely, including above her.

Note that although the book cover entices the view to assume they (Forrest and I) are looking at each other, helped by an assumption that her arms may be covering her modesty. However, she is actually facing the camera, and her breast is just visible. Her left arm is behind her. (Obviously the image of me is an insert, but it is part of a visual illusion.)

It may also be argued that the “Rule of Thirds” was also used. But to me, I merely balanced the image in camera for “feel” is more important than numbers. As it happened, three years after I took the photo, I was able to take advantage of the black area to the left, without upsetting the balance.


Aperture: f/7.1

Exposure time: 1/60 sec.

Lens: 50mm

ISO: 100