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Natalia – Zombie

Natalie was an amazing model. Not a “slimline” version. More of a “naturally balance body shape.” We had completed several hours of flour-based photography, and of course the studio was a mess. (It took about a month before you could say the studio was really clean again”).

This image was at the end of the session, where she turned to camera, and I just instinctively clicked. The exposure was perfect, and cropping was minimal. There was no stylist involved to try to create this. (I did make an attempt to “recreate” this a few years later, but this original will be hard to beat.)

Having talked to a few people about it, I love the deception within it, which was unintentional. That stray hair across the chest make it seem, at first glance, that she is wearing a t-shirt. But, of course, she is not.

The Zombie effect is great and it is hard to believe there is no stylist, no retouching to make this image as it appears here.

Technicals: 26mm, f/8, ISO 100