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Kinga – Cream

I cannot claim that this result was exactly as expected. Yes, I planned the cream. Yes, my assistant poured is as I desired. Yes, it covered the parts I had hoped for. And yes, It dripped as I expected. But what I did not expect is that curve!

The image will be reviewed by people in different ways. Sensual, erotic, dynamic are a few words. But to me the amaxing part is the way that cream curves. And despite applying and engineering mind to it, I still cannot explain it. In the book (The Art of Nude Photography), I highlight that there was another 20 images I could have chosen from. And each would have been good enough if it was the only one. But this was the chosen one.

And whilst I claim to now be concerned if other people like my photos, I guess I really do. But in this case, no. I just love it on so many levels. Maybe if you buy me a coffee (live), I will tell you why I like it so much.

Technicals: 70mm, f/7.1, ISO 400