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Ewelina – Desert Winds

This is one of many images I have created in what I refer to as The Bodyscape Series.

Wiktionary, in a very brief entry, suggests that Bodyscape is “An artistic style where closeup photographs of the human form convey the impression of landscape.” In this case, the intention is to make the viewer take a second look at the image, not being sure what it is the first time. The illusion is created by a combination of the body, the lighting, and the (dis) orientation of the image.

There is a slight cropping, removing the nipple to avoid any hints. However, a small hint has be retained using a crop that creates ambiguity.

The lighting is flash, with a landscape softbox (120 x 30 cms).

By turning the image upside-down (she was lying down), all the usual visual cues were removed. It is for the viewer to decide, but I think we created an excellent illusion that appears to be a sunrise over sand dune.

A small historical note – I originally shot the predecessor of this in my studio in London, using analogue (silver-based) film. It was used as the invitation to my first such exhibition, which took place in London.

Technicals: 50mm, f/11, ISO 100