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Tanglehair – The Splash

In this image, the intention was to try to capture something interesting, a splash caused by the water hitting a soft, curvaceous surface. This was easier said than down given I did not use technical support (i.e. electronic beam cutting technology) to capture the splash at the right time.

To create the image in the camera, the model was lying on the floor with a towel underneath. Then my assistant poured water onto her back using an eggcup and I attempted to take the image at the most interesting time. The water was poured as quickly as possible, to keep it cohesive rather than a stream of water.

The light was in line with the camera beyond the model. The light source was a single flash light with wide softbox (120 x 30mm) with a curtain to minimise lens flair.

The image was cropped to lower the point of impact from the centre of the image to about one third from the bottom. This gave greater balance to the image.

The original image was 6000 x 4000 pixels, and even after cropping, the image was good enough to make a wall print around 80 x 60 cms.

Technicals: 55mm, f/16, ISO 100