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Naming “The Cat”

What’s in a name? Many photographers (and painters) give a title to their images. Sometimes it is something meaningful, sometimes something pretentious, and sometime something self evident, like “Nude 3,… Read More »Naming “The Cat”

Manet or Monet

I like this shot but I am not quite sure why. Is it because it seems to reflect a Manet or Monet style. Or rather, my recollections of it? A… Read More »Manet or Monet

Cropped Smile

As The Rolling Stones said (1969) “You can’t always get what you want”. What I wanted was a good, high-resolution seated portrait of Patricia. Smiles can be elusive (or forced)… Read More »Cropped Smile

Molten Metal

The look of liquid running down over a naked body can look very seductive. However, I wanted to go a little further. My idea was to use something thicker than… Read More »Molten Metal

Kinga – Cream

I cannot claim that this result was exactly as expected. Yes, I planned the cream. Yes, my assistant poured is as I desired. Yes, it covered the parts I had… Read More »Kinga – Cream

Natalia – Zombie

Natalie was an amazing model. Not a “slimline” version. More of a “naturally balance body shape.” We had completed several hours of flour-based photography, and of course the studio was… Read More »Natalia – Zombie